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Jewelry News is a compilation of the latest news in the world of jewelry from around the globe.

Kendra Scott adds charms to her repertoire

Sure, Kendra Scott lives in Austin, but she calls Houston home. It's also where she opened her third Kendra Scott jewelry location. Her late grandmother inspired her to created...More

Follow That Stone: Ressigeac Gems Traceability Project

"Tracing the path of a colored stone through the vast and largely unpoliced gem trade is a complicated affair, even for the experts," I wrote. "Unlike diamonds, most of...More

University Of Pennsylvania's Louis Vuitton Problem

In their words, " Louis Vuitton never marks down its prices " Citing Vuitton, Gita Johar, a marketing expert and professor at Columbia Business School, told MarketWatch, "There's a...More

The Contemporary Regality Of Stone Paris

For gorgeous gothic-esq jewelry, your go-to will be Marie Poniatowski, the founder of Stone Paris. Marie Poniatowski founded Stone Paris in 2004, designing jewelry that echoes her own story....More

Why a white diamond ring is bridal jewellery's glittering prize

White diamond rings are front and centre at the world's top jewellery studios. Bridal jewellery is the first arena to benefit from diamond creativity in 2018, with diamond ring...More

A new application suggests Amazon is preparing to double down on selling its own jewellery

Amazon has filed a trademark for a "For Keeps by Amazon" brand, according to a filing with the US patent office. Another Amazon-brand line of jewellery featuring precious metals...More

After Quietly Acquiring Dormant Jean Patou Brand, LVMH Announces a Revamp

Now, 31 years later, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton is “applying its formidable finances and management,” per WWD, to revamp Patou's 

Michael Kors Nears Versace Purchase in Challenge to European Luxury Groups

LONDON - Michael Kors is close to announcing a deal to buy Versace, the Italian fashion house, in its latest step toward becoming a rival for Europe's luxury conglomerates,...More

Jewelry in the shape of gerrymandered US congressional districts

Gerrymander Jewelry: charms in the shape of America's most gerrymandered district; you don't have to live in Michigan's 14th, Texas's 35th or Ohio's first to rock one of these....More

Fashion Glass Ring

Shop Women's local artist Black White size OS Rings at a discounted price at Poshmark. Description: Glass ring, white with black circle design. My ring