Based in Aliso Viejo, CA (between Los Angeles and San Diego) EyeOnJewels has been helping consumer and the Jewelry trade with innovative solutions since 2007.

We help consumers find and purchase jewelry in new, innovative ways:

Maps: providing the most focused and comprehensive Jewelry map in the US we can help you find the brands you like in your local jewelry retailing stores.

JewelDemo: using live-video from the store shoppers experience an unprecedented level of service and selection as well as the convenience of online shopping.

Ultimately, we help jewelry and watch retailers and brands extend their reach, increase sales, and improve marketing ROI for local shoppers.

JewelDemo and EyeOnJewels accounts are only for qualified jewelery trade members such as retail stores, designers,manufacturers or related-services. After you apply for your free trial a representative from EyeOnJewels will contact you to verify your qualification and provide you with your login information .